How to fix bailout malware detected issue cPanel

fixing error in cpanel bailout malware detected

If you’re a webmaster, your main motivation might be to make some amount of money through your website. The best way is advertising and you’ve probably used Ad networks with high CPM rates like Adsense or Adsterra, or other platforms.

You should know that ad network’s codes contain millions of ads, and some site hostings may detect the ad codes as suspicious. If you have faced this BAILOUT issue, this article will provide you step by step tutorial to solve Bailout Malware Detected Issue. Let’s dive into the post.

What is Bailout Malware Detected?

The “Bailout: Malware Detected” error message is displayed by cPanel’s File Manager interface. It doesn’t always mean real malware, but anything suspicious like a URL with multiple ads. This error message is caused by Imunify360, a security service that is integrated with cPanel. Imunify360 scans all files on your server, and sometimes it will signal you even if the code you add is taken from a trusted source. Our tutorial is dedicated to neutralizing this bailout error message, but I recommend you to use only if you trust the code provider.

bailout malware detected issue

How to solve Bailout issue?

As mentioned above I’m going to show you two step by step methods of solving the issue so you can run required scripts of Ad networks without any issue.

Method 1: Add file in Imunify360’s ignore list

  • Login to your Cpanel.
  • Got to Advance Section
  • Go to terminal and execute this command
imunify360-agent malware ignore add $PATH_TO_FILE

Make sure to replace $PATH_TO_FILE with actual file fath where you are placing ad script.

You can also execute this command using SSH.

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Method 2: Encode your code

It’s the best way to use Ad scripts without comprising the security of your website. You don’t need to add files to ignore list making it secure if other Malwares are detected. You just need to make some changes in your code. Let know about most efficient and functional tool that can help you encode your codes and solve Bailout: Malware Detected Issue below.

In this tutorial I’ll be using Adsterra Ad codes as an example. You can then scale this example to an ad network you monetize with.

Why I use Adsterra?

Adsterra is an old market player founded in 2013. It provides high CPM rate with 24/7 instant customer support and lots of AD formats to match your requirements and generate high revenue. It’s super easy to integrate in your website and generate more revenue without much effort that you have to put for approval in Adsense.

You don’t have trouble installing Adsterra codes, but as I said earlier, any network’s codes can fall under the bailout issue because of multiple advertising offers in a single URL.

What is CodeMistify?

It is the tool I have mentioned above in Method 2. It’s open source and optimized for encoding any html code and for execution on front end. Thus, it doesn’t consume CPU, or increase usage on your server. It’s perfect tool to bypass bailout malware detected issue.

Codemistify uses two techniques to encode your code. We’ll discuss it below 👇

How I came up with the idea to create CodeMistify?

I’m also a webmaster of multiple websites and uses AD networks to generate some amount of money. Recently, I created a WordPress theme and embedded Ad Scripts in functions.php file. It was working fine on my local machine but when I pushed to production Imunify60 caused Bailout: Malware Detected Issue. I was completely unaware what’s this?

But it works on my local machine Meme

The situation was as in meme 🤧

But luckily I removed Ad scripts and then clicked saved. Yes, it worked. Then I tried encoding scripts using PHP. It again worked.

Hence, I thought it might me problem of many publishers around the globe. So, I created this tool for statice websites. Webmasters can also use it in dynamic websites.

How exactly it works and how it helps bypass the blockage of the Ad scripts

CodeMistify working mechanism is so simple to help you bypass bailout malware detected issue. Let’s understand how it works:

  • If ‘Javascript Base64’ is selected, it encodes the inputString using btoa() and wraps it in a JavaScript code block that uses atob() to decode it. The result is set as the output value, effectively converting the input to Base64 encoding and back.
  • If ‘Javascript ASCII Char’ is selected, it calls the stringToCharCodes() function to convert inputString into an array of character codes. Then, it constructs a JavaScript code block to decode and display the characters from the character codes. The result is set as the output value.
const type = document.getElementById('type');
const input = document.getElementById('input');
const output = document.getElementById('output');
const submit = document.getElementById('submit');

submit.addEventListener('click', () => {
  if (!input.value.trim()) {
    alert('Please Provide Code');

  const inputString = input.value;

  if (type.value == 'js64') {
    output.value = `<script>document.write(atob("${btoa(inputString)}"));</script>`;
  } else if (type.value == 'jsc') {
    const charCodesArray = stringToCharCodes(inputString);
    output.value = `<script>var y="";var x=[${charCodesArray}];x.forEach(char=>{y+=String.fromCharCode(char)});document.write(y);</script>`;

function stringToCharCodes(inputString) {
  const charCodes = [];
  for (let i = 0; i < inputString.length; i++) {
  return charCodes;

How to use CodeMistify

Using CodeMistify is super easy. Here’s step by step tutorial to use it

  • Visit
  • Scroll and Paste your code and select obfuscation type ( You can choose any one )
  • Click on Hide Code Now
  • You’ll get encode code. Copy it
  • Go to your file manager, replace your Ad Scripts with encoded code.

You’re good to go. You can use encoded.code without any issue.


bailout malware detected bypass


In conclusion, if you’re a website owner facing the “Bailout Malware Detected” issue when trying to monetize a website with ads, I’ve got two solutions for you:

Solution 1: You can add your ad files to a list that tells your security system to leave them alone. It’s like saying, “Hey, these files are safe!” This way, your ads can run without any problems.

Solution 2: Use a tool called CodeMistify. It makes your ad code look different but still works the same. This helps your ads avoid the malware detector.

So, if you want to keep the money flowing and keep your website safe, try these methods. They’re easy to use, and your audience won’t notice any difference. Happy monetizing!


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