Adsterra WordPress Plugin Documentation (Best Plugin)

The best plugin to monetize your wordpress website with Adsterra Platform is here (Learn about Adsterra WordPress Plugin).

Can I use Adsterra for WordPress?

Yes, you can use Adsterra to monetize your WordPress traffic and generate good amount of revenue ( according to your traffic ). Many bloggers and webmasters uses WordPress with Adsterra and are generating good amount of revenue per day. In fact, I’m using in current blog too.

About Adsterra WordPress Plugin

Version: 1.0

A wordpress plugin for easy and effective advertising using Adsterra is here. Adsterra WordPress Plugin is Developed to make your life easy, fast and productive so you can focus towards writing quality content and driving traffic towards your blog. Please keep in mind, this is unofficial wordpress plugin for Adsterra and not affiliated with them.

Installation of Plugin

To install the plugin, currently you’ll have to do it manually, but I have uploaded it in queue of WordPress Plugin. It might take longer so let’s know how to install Adsterra WordPress Plugin manually in your website.

  • Click above button and download zip.
  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Visit Plugin Section and Click on Add New
  • Click on Upload Plugin just below top admin menu
  • Upload Zip and Activate the Plugin.
  • You’re good to go.

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What’s Next after Activation

After Activation of Adsterra Plugin, you’ll be able to see Adsterra option in your Admin Menu. Hit on the option and select what you want.

Analytics doesn’t work currently due to CORS. It will be fixed in future updates. Keep Patience

How to configure Ad Scripts in Adsterra WordPress Plugin

After you Activate the Plugin and click on Adsterra option in Admin Menu, you’ll be able to see Settings Submenu. Yes just hit that.

You’ll be able to see 10 options that includes Popunder, Social Bar, Native Banner, 468×60, 160×300, 300×250, 160×600, 320×50, 728×90 and API. These are all AD formats Provided by Adsterra expect Direct Link.

Now, go to your Address dashboard from Click on your website and copy AD Scripts and Paste those in respective sections provided in Plugin and Save them.

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You’ll be able to see shortcodes for e.g. banner or banner size=”300/250″ , next to AD format name for Banners. Use them to show Banner Ads in your content.

Configuring Popunder and Social Bar

Copy and Paste your AD Scripts in Adsterra WordPress Plugin section, below textarea you’ll be able to see a select input with three options Everywhere, Page and Posts.

Adsterra WordPress Plugin Settings Page

Use Everywhere to Add Popunder Ad in your whole Website.

Use Page to implement Popunder in Pages only

Use Posts to Add Popunder in all Posts and their types.

Click on Submit and you’re done configuring them. More Places will be added in future updates. Stay tuned 😉.

Analytics and API Key

There’s a option of Analytics but not working ( reason mentioned above ). I’m working hard on it to fix. To make this feature work after fix you’ll need to have an Adsterra’s API key. To obtain one follow these steps:

  • Login to your Address Account.
  • Click on API Key in side menu of Adsterra’s Page
  • You’ll see a box containing random strings and integers ( i.e API Key ).
  • Copy key from option from copy button.

Paste the code in API Section of Adsterra WordPress Plugin Settings Page. That’s it you’re done with configuration and ready to focus on your strategy.

Happy Advertising folks.


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